About the club


Spokes Cheerleading Team Eagles (ECT Eagles) was founded on 15th June 2005. The club is located in Hokksund, more specifically at Loesmoen in the new Hokksundhallen where we have a separate hall 24/7 – 365 days a year. We are very pleased to collect the club in a place so that we can work actively with club development and club affiliation among members and guardians.

The club is comprised of approx. 330 members with active athletes from 5 years and up from all over lower Buskerud, divided by Mini, PeeWee, Junior and Senior parties within cheerleading and performance cheer (Pom & hiphop).

Cheerleading is a sport that is suitable for anyone who is fond of moving around. Cheerleading offers real and grueling training for music and choreography. Acrobatic voltages, high throws and extreme pyramids are some of what is done.

In Performance Cheer Pom, athletes dance with poms. Here are pirouettes, jumps, motions and basic ballet important elements.

In Performance Cheer Hip Hop is incorporated "street style" movements and rhythms. Emphasis on style, creativity, isolations, body control, rhythm, synchronicity and musicality. There is also an additional focus on other athletic elements such as jumps, freeze and other tricks.

Our club is a team of both Cheerleading and Performance Cheer (Pom & HipHop). No other clubs in Norway have this offer to their practitioners.  This we are very proud of and work a lot to facilitate all categories.

ECT Eagles is a club that is engaged at the federal level and has as a tradition in contributing to NM as well as arranging national competitions themselves. We have arranged the Eiker Open for 8 years and the last 5 years we have held the Winter Open in January.

Our competitive teams in the Junior and Senior categories are included in the NM each year, as well as other national competitions. Elite teams also travel abroud to compete. 

Our exhibition team is operated under the Children's sports regulations. Our show teams are Sweeties 7-8 years and Gorgeous 9-12 years. These are included in most competitions as exhibition teams and also participate in two separate peewee parties in the Oslo area. In addition, we have a team for the smallest of 5-6 years who are in the Christmas and summer finale as well as our own competition Winter Open. 

Mastering and fun with cheer in your heart! – Go Eagles!