Member Agreement

1. Membership Duties

To be a member of an ECT Eagles, one must have joined the team and a duty to comply with the law of the sports team and other provisions. The membership is considered valid, from the moment the membership fee is paid. Registration is made via our website

Membership fee and license

All members of the club are obliged to pay membership running for the entire calendar year. The membership fee is P.T. at 150,-per year. All sports in NAIF are entitled to a paid licence to participate in series and competitions. The Association recommends all active to resolve the license. License is recorded and paid by the club and is repayable to the athletes. License Price is P.T. 475,-per year. New from 2019 is also an activity license for all athletes under the age of 12 years at 125,-per year.

Fitness fee

All athletes must pay a training fee per semester (half-year) and vary according to which team you participate in. The following rates apply to the 2019/2020 season:


  • Mini: 600,-PR half year
  • Mini Sweeties: 1300,-PR half year
  • PeeWee Gorgeous: 1600,-PR half year
  • Junior Recruit/Wings: 1600,-PR half year
  • Junior Elite/Fly: 2400,-PR half year
  • Senior Elite/Wild: 2400,-PR half year
  • Senior Try: 600,-PR half year

Pom and HipHop:

  • Mini Sweeties: 1300,-PR half year
  • PeeWee Gorgeous: 1600,-PR half year
  • Junior recruit Pom: 1600,-PR half year
  • Junior Elite Hip-Hop: 1600,-per half year
  • Junior Elite Pom: 2400,-PR half year
  • Senior Pom: 2400,-PR half year

Søskenmoderation is given on the cheapest training fee with 50% beginning children No. 2

Participant fee contests and displays

Athlete must cover entry fee for competitions and shows.

Costume Rental

All athletes attending competitions and showings must hire the suit of the club. This will be billed per semester (half-year) and vary based on which team you belong to.

  • Exhibition Layer: 150,-PR half year
  • Competition Team: 350,-PR half year

Opting out

The notification shall be in writing and will be effective once it is received. However, the athlete will still be registered as a member of the club for the calendar year paid for. An exit should be submitted to


Membership in the club may terminate upon withdrawal, deletion or exclusion.


2. Guidelines for athletes in ECT Eagles

As a performer in ECT Eagles, the club expects

  • Showing good attitudes
  • Respecting each other
  • Showing loyalty to club and coaches
  • Helps each other
  • Follow club rules
  • Pops up for each other
  • Am honest with the trainer and other practitioners.
  • Contributes to a good cohesion
  • Standing together
  • Sets on trainings and meetings one has committed to.
  • Shows engagement
  • Shows good working attitudes.
  • Is proud of your own efforts.
  • Taking an objective responsibility for the environment and well-being.
  • Showing respect for your club suit

For athletes who are taken out on our elite teams, in addition to this member agreement, we will be presented with a separate contract to undertake their own rules in connection with the absence and other points that may affect the team's performance according to the goals set.


3. What you can expect from ECT Eagles and our trainers

Spokes Cheerleading Team Eagles will be an open and democratic organization whose purpose is to conduct sports organized in the Norwegian Sports Federation and Olympic and Paralympic Committee (NIF).

Our vision is "coping and joy with cheer in the heart" and we live according to the following values TEST:

We believe in ourselves, we dare to take a challenge, we go on, we dare to err, – both performer and club.

Athletes, coaches, officers, parents and leadership go in the same direction, standing on for the club.

We cooperate, all are just as important, all for one!

Social: Everyone should feel welcome, parents know that kids are having fun and thrive on training.
Sporting: Safety is always safeguarded, anyone can evolve with equal opportunities and all being seen.

On our trainings, you as an athlete will find that our trainers and upmen give you:

  • A targeted plan
  • Progression in experiences and skills
  • Ever-new challenges to the athlete pushing boundaries
  • Efficient organisation
  • Factual and precise information
  • Creative Solutions
  • Flexibility for problem solving


4. Responsibilities

The coach (s) is the team leader and responsible for his team.

Oppmann is the parent's contact person within the team

Sporting director is responsible for all coaches and the club's sporting offerings according to the sports plan.

The sporting director is also responsible for the club following the sports regulations of the sports court.

The club chairman is the top manager of the club as a whole.