Eiker Cheerleading Team Eagles (ECT Eagles) was established 15. June 2005. Our club has been located in Krokstadelva, Buskerud, until the fall of 2014. We are now a big club and moved to a better location in Loesmoen in Hokksund. Here we cooperate with Hokksund Turn (gymnastics). It is exciting to have a new place together with another club with similar interests. We are very pleased to have all teams and athletes located in one place. It makes it easier to work with club development and club affiliations among members and parents.


We are about 200 athletes from 5 years and upwards; Mini, PeeWee, Junior and Senior teams. We also have a separate team for parents.

ECT Eagles have won several medals in the National Championship, the European championship and other national competitions. We also have athletes who are participating on the Norwegian national team in Cheerleading and Cheerdance.


Our competitive goals for the next 5 years are

• At any time have one junior and one senior team in the top category within Cheerleading

• Win medals at the National Championship in Cheerleading or Cheerdance

• Have athletes competing at the national team in either Cheerleading or Cheerdance


Our vision:

Self-mastery and joy with cheer in our heart!


Our values are:

• GUTS - we believe in ourselves, dare to take challenges, go on, try and fail

• COMMITMENT - athletes, coaches, parents and management pulling in the same direction, we continuously work in advantage for the club.

• UNITY - we work together, we are all equally important, all for one!

• SAFETY - everyone is welcome, parents know that the children are having fun and enjoy their training. Security is always the the highest priority.


Do you need more information, please contact our leader

Liv Brurberg Hansen: E-mail: leder@ecteagels.no • Phone + 47 920 58 225


Go Eagles!


OUR vision

Self-mastery and joy with cheer in our







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